anyone else getting nervous?

i’ve been studying 20 hours per week (2hrs weeknights, 5 hrs weekend days) for the past few months- i’ve been skipping around study sessions to keep my mind fresh, but so far, ethics/quant/econ/fRA and now equities. i’m using both stalla and cfai books but am finding an issue btn study q’s at the end of the chapters vs time studying. on 50% of the sections i’m scoring about 85-90% on the rest i’m only getting 50-70%. i’m getting nervous since i am having trouble remembering all the formulas, and also all the differences in the text- and if i’m having trouble now, then i’m worried about when i go to review. my current plan is to stay the course- once iv’e finished, all time will be spent doing questionbank and reviewing problem areas. once that’s done, i’ll do a sample exam and find my problem areas, and re-review. then re-sample…an then finally the mock exam of course the other options is to pull out and go back to civilization outside of work/study! guess i’m just looking for encouragement or someone who’s been down my path to tell me to just give up now!

I actually feel kind of the same way. I am using Stalla and putting in a little over 20 hours per week. I began reviewing in mid January. I am doing well on the material but am nervous I wont be able to remember it all after I am done reviewing because of the quantity. I have not used any of the CFAI materials because I feel like I am strapped for time with just using Stalla. I am on pace to finish reviewing all the sections by May 15th. Do you think I have left enough time for review?

you are doing great, three more months to go you have gone through more than half of the cirriculum, especially with FRA done, the rest is just easy. just spend heaps of time on questions and you’ll be fine. you only need a bit over 70% to pass and you wont be refunded if you pull out, so stick with it.

I didnt sleep a minute last night- my mind was all over the place - The most challenging areas , for me are Quant and FI— has me really stressed right now What I havent looked @ yet is ECON, FRA, 1/2 of Quant. I plan to wrap up Quant and Econ this month, dedicate April for FRA and May for a holistic review (Qbank’s, Re-read Notes, Mocks) and spend the last 2-3 days going over ethics. I’ve lost 17 lbs since January and lost in touch with the world - go figure

LOL - CFAI should market “weight loss” as an added benefit to studying. I’ve lost 5 pounds in a month since I’m not snacking as much! I’m getting nervous too. I’ve also been pretty irritable lately - which is out of character for me. njlevel10610 - don’t let this exam compromise your health. Sounds like you need to take a day off from studying and relax.

@jacklee: You have a very sound strategy going forward. Please dont give up. Your QBank scores will go up by 15-20 during May itself so you are on track. Make a formula sheet while you study or just download one from the Elan Guide website. By the time the exam comes around, you will remember all the formulas given that you have practices enough. @Scott: Try to finish a wee bit earlier. Its best to have a month for review. But three weeks is also good. You dont NEED the CFA books. You’ve made a decision to rely on Stalla. Now stick with it. You’ll be fine if you have been thorough and diligent. @NJ: You need to relax man From the way you guys are talking, perhaps I should register for some exam! I need to lose some weight!!

You need to man up! Im going to start studying for Level 1 today. Dont be scared and grow a pair.

I agree with marvin, what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger. stop being a pu ssy

Hey Jacklee, dont worry i think nervousness will help you prepare extra for the exam…so which is a good thing… im taking level 1 in june, and im also takin 18 credits on my final semester. im also having same issue like u , i also feel like im forgetting stuff! and also feeling iffy about quant and FA but i hope last month of review will help us. but take positive things out of whole situation…u bieng nervous is actually showing you care about this exam, which will make you prepare more for this…

u think chuck norris would be on here crying about the cfa and contemplating running away from the cfa. chuck norriss would not pass the cfa, the cfa would pass chuck norris. u gotta be a beast.

L2 candidate here… @jacklee - you are seriousy doing great. So chin up and kill this beast in June :slight_smile: @scott - stalla rules! you don’t need CFA books at all especially if you have the vdos too. Do try to finish a week earlier. Review time is crucial. don’t forget to remember me in your prayers if you pray :slight_smile: im way too behind for my L2 studies :frowning:

If the worst you are doing right now is 50-70 percent then you are going to be fine. I failed in band 10 last year and was averaging 65-70 percent on schweser/cfa mock exams in late May. As long as you are averaging 75 percent going into the exam than you will definitely pass. I wouldn’t stress over the formulas either, especially in quant. For example, if you know under what circumstances to apply a t-test vs. a z-test than you are fine.

I am having trouble with remembering the formula’s as well…I took stat’s a long time ago so the quant stuff feel’s like it’s not sticking. What are you guys doing with the formula sheets? Are you advocating reviewing say the elan sheets daily and just beating them in the brain? Also I am looking to add Schweser and are you guys working through qbank questions daily? Any rec’s here would be greatly appreciated. I am taking 16 hours of college plus a 3 hour commute so I am a little behind but plan on banging out 60 hours this week and then 30 hours a week until the review month of May. Lastly how much time is to be spent in the final month per day taking tests and reviewing…obviously that’s somewhat redundant as I know the more the better, but I have an college course for three hours a day and a commute of 3hours total and am worried that 4-5 hours a day during the week and 8-10 hours on the weekends won’t be enough. Thanks in advance for all the help and GL to everyone!

Keep your cool. Most of the material will gel during the final six weeks of your preparation. As for the comment above about not needing the CFAI books, that’s just callous advice. At least do the EOC questions.

So far I am doing OK. SS9 is supposed to be the toughest, but I am quite confident now with it. Hit the QBank all of this weekend for FRA. I averaged around 80% on all sections. I’m scared of fixed income and derivatives though!

Do we need to get over 70% in each section or overall ? is it considered fail if a candidate does not pass in one section but does very well in the others and is pass on average ?

anshumitas Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Do we need to get over 70% in each section or > overall ? is it considered fail if a candidate > does not pass in one section but does very well in > the others and is pass on average ? NO and NO

thanks mpnoonan !! that was convincing !!