Anyone else have this problem...

Spike showed the Star Wars trilogy this weekend. I lost a good 4-5 hrs watching Anakin become Vader and now on June 7 Emperor Palpatine is going to fry me…Sith style

It’s reminds me of the old dirty trick TBS would pull when I was an undergrad. The week before finals they ALWAYS had their James Bond marathon. I always found myself saying, “Ok, I’ll start studying once Bond escapes from this highly impossible situation and uses the information the bad guy just disclosed to him that will now allow him to save the world once again.” Good times. BTW Halifax, I just picked up the book you recommended on this board a couple months back, “The Commanding Heights.” Looks interesting.

I didnt realize Commanding Heights was a book, I have the DVD of the PBS special. Do you know if the series is based off the book? Who is it by? GenY

LOL I always loved the Bond marathon…why doesn’t TBS still do this? They couldn’t have been paying much for it, it’s better than their typical get a movie, show it 8 times in a row. Series is based off of the book. I own both, though both loaned out. Read and watched them in Grade 12. From then on always knew what I wanted to do with my life. highly recommended~! Joseph Stanislaw and Daniel Yergin. I’ve been wanting to get my paws on The Prize for awhile, but always lacked the time or money for it, and sometimes both. It’s a big book

Spike also showed their new tv show “Detroit DEA” so I lost an hour watching Detroit get more great PR.

I always find it weird that whenever finals come up, im suddenly into a new online game…even though i seldom play online games the rest of the year

I remember watching the entire DVD series of Band of Brothers during a 2-day stretch of finals a couple of years back. Sadly my procrastination has gotten better since then, hence why I am passing CFA exams.