Anyone else kicking themselves?

I didn’t do a single mock exam. I never practiced AM answers by writing them down and comparing them to CFA acceptable answers. I learned the lesson the hard way. FML.


It’s the exact opposite of what I did. I’m a retaker, so I hardly read any of the text again. Instead I jumped straight to doing mock exams, doing nothing but them over and over again. It paid off, since I got a pretty solid pass. Most likely you will pass easily next year if you do the same.

Thanks Traveller. That is exactly what I intend to do.

Did that in 2013 and failed with band 7. Still kicking myself for delaying it for 2 years (could not take it in 2014 for work). Pretty much got <50% in most of AM. Could not time it properly, left few blanks, and rushed thru most.

This time i did about 2 or 3 AM past exams - times it and compared against CFA answers.

And around 2 or 3 PM mocks - worked out fine & passed this time around.

Really hate the fact in 2013 - i didn’t prepare better, and had to spend another 300+ hours to prepare for it.

Definitely do as many mocks as you can. Especially AM mocks. We’ve done numerous MCQ exams (mock and actual) so you can generally gauge how and what kinds of questions will be asked. And more importantly, once you become familiar with AM mocks, start timing yourself and be strict. I managed to finish the AM paper with 2 minutes to spare, if it wasn’t the case I’m not sure that I would’ve passed.

Fortunately, you now know what was the problem. I am confident that you will pass if you practice.

“Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others."

First timers: thx I’d buy Willa Cather a beer for his post and learn from him!

Here is my Mock Manifesto

Thank you Negra, reystander, and prozario. I read the Mock Manifesto and will be doing exactly what you recommeded.