anyone else nervous because you havent started studying yet?

im waiting until jan 28th before i commit all that time to LVL 2 study, although i have a feeling this may have potentially been a mistake. Anyone else in the same position? that extra month could have done wonders for me, especially as i have my wedding + 2 week honeymoon in March 09!

As long as your marriage and honeymoon goes well and you return with relaxed mind you should be able to grasp things quicker (though not ideal) but if you kept worrying about CFA during your honeymoon… not so sure about CFA, your marriage might be in trouble!

Hey djjk1, I am in the exact same boat. I started studying yesterday and am getting married in April! I think we have plenty of time, as long as the time spent studying is productive. Good luck.

i got 70 hours of studying in so far boys. i plan to hit 300ish before June 5. others have put in more than me. remember you gotta wait a full year to take this monster again. i only say this to motivate you to bust your aces when you start. good luck!!

I haven’t started yet… and I am beginning to get slightly nervous about it

me either, if I pass I will start tomorrow

i started skimming over the weekend…

I’m nervous cause I’m not getting nervous about the exam.

I tried to start, but I just couldn’t concentrate. Hopefully I gain some focus after (hopefully) seeing PASS tomorrow morning. I’m doing a lot of hoping right now!

what are you guys studying? you cant register for level II or receive CFA texts until that point. Did you all buy Schwesser or something?

Stalla + some Schweser

someone from work gave me a pdf Schweser 07 texts. i started reading equity in the first week of Jan and found it quiet intense - then though $%^& it. this could all go to waste… roll on tmrw. ps good luck guys.

It seems like there is not enough time to study for the June test now. However, waiting until June 2010 seems too long…

yay i passed! I’m so glad to be on the L2 forum.

THERE IS PLENTY OF TIME!! Just get to it and be productive… I am mapping out a plan with my “study buddy” tonight and am hitting the books starting monday.