Anyone else not christmas to study?

So, I decided to book a hotel the next couple of nights to study without family distractions.

My wife is pretty upset, she thinks I’m spending the holidays with another woman. I don’t know what to say, I’m trying to pass level II on the first shot, so I don’t want to risk ANYTHING.

Anyone else have a similar dilemma?

Yeah man! My wife thought I was cheating on her based on all the nights I was spending away from her. I did the same thing as you, I booked a hotel a week before the exam so I could get away and concentrate on studying. The difference is, there was another woman in the hotel with me, but she was just a study partner I SWEAR!

I’m no woman, but why the hell do you guys need to book hotel rooms on Christmas? I can understand the need around exam time, but six months before the exam? That’s all kinds of wrong. I don’t blame your wives for being suspicious.


this is funny cool

I am actually taking time off from holiday season to study too. We all do what we believe is necessary to achieve our goals. Hearing that other people are doing the same is a good motivation to study (specially during holiday seasons).


People here are on the run.

I havnt finished even 30% of the syllabus so far. Need to pull my socks up blush

hotels are expensive during xmas no??


I’m sending this to some of my CFA Buddies

I definitely didn’t get a hotel room (lol) but I studied today…realized I’m not as polished on the quant stuff as I thought (forgot a lot of it)…so overall it wasn’t a very happy day…just gotta stay motivated and keep chugging I guess.

Did you “pass”

I took the last 10 days off completely.

I’m finding it really hard to get back into it now though. My brain is in proper holiday mode: beach, golf, beer & wine, food are the only things I can think about. I might leave the studying this week as well and start again on Monday.

If I recall correctly, CleverCFA you mentioned in another thread that you’ve made significant progress covering the material - maybe a few add’l days wont hurt…I’m just getting into gear so def can’t afford any days off!

Yeah, I wish you guys had never mentioned that you guys thought I was ahead in the material. The panic and fear I had were my friend, now I’m feeling a little too casual about the whole thing.

I picked up where I left off today, trying to finish Fixed Income. Those last 2 readings on Asset Backed Securiteis and the pricing of them are pretty brutal. Think I’m going to have to read the CFAI text to get my head around that stuff.

I guess it depends where the hotel is, but if your renting hotels in the NYC area during the Christmas holiday to study why even take the CFA? Apparently you already have money to burn.

I wish my christmas was like that…

take her window shopping at Luis Vutton, tell her you are studying so she can get the bag next year.

(But when you do pass and get the raise, don’t get her shit … MUAHAHAHAH)