Anyone else not happy with Elan?

I’m hoping to do mock #3 next weekend then do the CFAI mock the weekend after. However, mock#3 is not available yet. They haven’t even put out a release date yet for #3 and that makes me think it certainly won’t be ready by next weekend because they usually release materials about 2wks after the announced release date. This is messing things up for me cuz this month i can only study on the weekends so I don’t want to fall behind my schedule. I may have to do the CFAI mock next weekend.

hey ebowsaah. How’d you do on Elan mocks 1 and 2? I scored around 75% on both but I was torn between two answers a lot of the time. Was that the case with you too?

Oh and I wanted to add that the third one will be out Tuesday. Apparently it’s the toughest of the lot.

I’ll believe you when I see #3. Sound like you work for them. How do you know it will be released on Tuesday? Btw my results for my 1.5 exams have been in the 70-77 range. Will take the pm portion of #2 tomorrow.