anyone else not mind as much if world ended May 21?


on a side note I had my first CFA dream last night. For some reason we were taking the test in a Grocery store in desks (made perfect sense at the time). I start writing the essay response and realize I didnt write what I meant to so I start scratching it out and the paper rips. Then I realize I dont know the answer to a bunch of the questions (one was on Grover Cleveland for some reason) I start thinking, all of this studying and I dont know the answers! People start walking around and sharing answers and I am thinking (They are violating Ethics!) For some reason a question had to do with a ginger root and vegetable identification and everyone knew the answers but me. I wake up around 2am and sigh a big sigh of relief realizing it was a dream. Go to that bathroom, fall asleep, BACK INTO THE SAME DREAM! I say, oh man I guess it wasnt a dream and I really am going to fail this thing. Waking up the second time was a HUGE relief. This happens to me at least once every year. OK done, had to get that off my chest.

wow i thought i was the only one …may is the month of bad dreams…showinbg up to the exams without pants is a recurring one

Thanks guys! LOL!

lol…the dream you remembered is almost always opposite…Otherwise, you wouldn’t wake up.