Anyone else not taking off time from work?

I took off that Friday, but nothing more. Just womdering if anyone else was doing the same, or if I’m the only idiot


thats unfortunate

Look at the bright side…you’re likely to have a leg up on the competition in 2017.


I got Thursday afternoon and Friday, nothing more.

I’ve just taken the Friday off too, so I’m in the same boat :slight_smile:

I’m gonna go into the office during the exam lunch break. Grind grind grind.

Just Friday too…

If i had to guess, I’m sure there would be little to no correlation between time spent off work in final week and exam results.

I would suggest giving yourself a chance to “decompress” before the test given the endurance requirements of writing in the morning session…take a few days if you can. If you have studied diligently, you’d hate to feel exhausted in the exam and make careless mistakes preventing you from passing.