Anyone else noticing the gaps between CFAI and Schweser?

Are there any other idiots like me who are trying to read the CFAI material and Schweser also (and do all the problems in both)? I am noticing a bunch of places where Schweser is just glossing over stuff (more so than “normal”) and not explaining the concepts very well…kinda reminds me of the Black Treynor phenomenon on L2. Has me freaking out that I have to read all the CFAI material AND do the CFAI problems as I have found the Schweser concept checkers and Q Bank ?s to be much easier

Of course there will be topics covered in CFAI that are not covered by Schweser – CFAI is 1500 pages longer. A lot of stuff in CFAI won’t be tested, though.

More specifically I mean within specific LOS…understood there is crap that is ancillary.

There is certainly a big gap between the thickness of those books.

Schweser really just addresses the LOS’s directly, whereas CFAI goes well beyond the LOS’s. That accounts for most of the gap.

Schweser is not far for most subjects ( I still have 2 CFAI books to read). Some subjects (see derivatives, swaps and global performance allocation for example) are too light in Schweser versus the actual text.

I’m reading both Schweser and CFA, so far I’m through SS 10, and I actually think Schweser is doing a pretty good job covering the key points…with that being said, I’m only half way through the material…it wouldn’t be a bad idea if we collectively took notes of areas where Schweser is clearly lacking focus, as I would think those topics would purposely be tested in detail by CFA.

SDCFA, There is a entire “family” of problems related to global performance attributions that Schweser did not even mention. It also seems that CFAI has much more detailed problems related to swaps. Try solving any of those problems after reading Shweser and you’ll get the sense something must be wrong.

Got it, as I mentioned, only through SS 10 comparing both…I’m sure I will see those differences you mentioned when I get there. Thanks for the heads up though.

This thread makes me nervous.

I have done Behavioural finance and wealth management for individuals and inistutions (3 sessions) from CFAI book and the rest from Stalla. Plan to complement with examples and problems from CFAI. Hope this works, as I do not have a choice anyways now.

… after L2, I realized there were gaps … but it is real tough reading cfai material and have any hope of retaining all the material … I am reading both and hope it will all come together in June.

Just finished reading ‘Swaps’ and ‘Commodity Forwards and Futures’ from Schweser Book 4. Was also toggling between the CFAI texts. Can’t help noticing that Schweser’s version so much easier to read and understand. But also makes me wonder if I’m missing out on important stuff…

i am using both. i read the CFAI first and use the schweser to help pinpoint LOS. I would not recommend using only Schweser. for example, in LOS 42.g “compare and contrast the benefits of rebalancing to target versus allowable range”. Schweser omits the benefits comparison entirely.