Anyone else purchased IIExamPrep for CAIA L1?

I made an uneducated decision and am regretting, they haven’t even sent me the study material yet. I ordered on the week of May 15th. Anybody here from Calgary, I know cfacowtown is. I just recently joined this forum, but have been a passive observer for a while. I recently wrote CFA L1.

Love the name buddy. I don’t think Calgary has a ton of people taking the CAIA. Why are you regretting your decision?

I now think I should’ve gone with Schweser. I loved their material for the CFA exam and hence the regret. I complained to them (iiexamprep) about the delay in sending me the package. Anyways, are you writing in BC? I am actually driving to Spokane.

I have the Schweser materials. They are identical to the CFA schweser layout. Haven’t booked it yet. Any chance your interested in carpooling? It will make gas/rooms/boring ass drive a little more tolerable. Let me know.

I have no problem with you coming along as long as you know that I’ll have a wife and a dog in my SUV. We are driving on Thurs, Sep 10, exam on Sep 11, driving back on Sat Sep 12. And I am planning to get drunk in Spokane Valley on Friday night. Besides that, everythink is A OK. You haven’t booked a date yet? Where were you planning to write it anyway? Which part of city are you in? Do you work D/T? Maybe we can hook up for lunch. Let me know.

That sounds slightly awkward, ha ha. What is your email addy? I haven’t decided where I wanted to write it I was putting it off for normal procrastination reasons. I am in the NW about 10 mins from downtown. Lunch works for sure., once you get there, I’ll give you my regular email. Is ur office in nw? interesting! I’m planning to buy the Uppermark Qbank for practise. IIExamprep was a total waste, just received the materals …and I can’t believe it…it’s so subpar. well, lesson learned.

I’m using the Uppermark materials right now and I’m quite pleased with it :slight_smile:

peteus325 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m using the Uppermark materials right now and > I’m quite pleased with it :slight_smile: I can imagine my friend! I looked up the sample of their notes (on their website) and they look pretty good. I have to admit that, I am ordering Upper Mark right now. So, IIExamprep was a complete waste of money. I hope people read this post and not buy it, save their money.