Anyone else run out of time for the AM exam of lvl3?

i skipped a few questions and still ran out of time lool

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What stressed me out is the way the progress of the exam was disclosed as with an hour to go in the AM section my progress was only 26%. I then decided to throw caution to the wind and answer as quickly as possible and only what I know. Then at about 45% progress I get to the end of the AM section when it dawned on me that the progress report is an aggregate of both the AM and PM sections. So this was both good and bad as I managed to answer everything but only at a very high level. I did have a bit of time leftover to go back and fill in the blanks but there were just some things I did not know how to do and no amount of writing would’ve given me any points. Overall tough but fair I thought.

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yes ! exactly that progress report made me stressed at the start-early middle of the exam

yeah tough exam but i guess it needed to be

This is the first time I didn’t run out of time on the AM (third time taking it). Had about 17 minutes to go back over it. Had over an hour to spare on the PM. I thought it was tough but fair. More fair than my last 2 attempts…or maybe I just knew the material better this time. I switched prep providers and I think it made a big difference for me.
Only time will tell…I think I saw a prediction of results on Oct 27th.

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Well finishing the exam is always a good start. What prep provider did you change to?

Deep3. Small boutique shop. His notes, level of support, and understanding of guiding you to the main points are beyond anything I’d experienced previously. I should know- he was the third provider I used. He mainly works only with retakers of level 3.

Don’t sweat it - I passed L3 in May on my first attempt even though I only managed to answer 8 out of 11 questions in the AM session. I didn’t have high hopes for passing, but made up for it with a solid PM score. Unfortunately, they give you too much time for the PM and too little for the AM exam.

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I just finished writing today…I think today was the last day for August window…

…AM I ran out of time…really annoyed.

yes…I think I left like 6 questions blank…

I ran out of time and …AM always seemed get to for all my lvl 3 attempts…

…really just want to call it quits.

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Don’t worry bro. I had my level 3 in last May. I ran out of time and ended up leaving answers for 5 questions blank in AM session and passed the exam.

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I had a similar experience, almost exactly the same amount of minutes at the end of each parts.

Hi, you mean you run out of time or you had some extra minutes under each section? Thanks

I meant that I had extra time for each section.

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