Anyone else scared?

Am I the only one going out of my mind of fear of the unknown? There’s so many sample questions, so much material in the curriculum and there’s only so much that I can remember. SIGH.

ah yes. I can feel the anxiety flowing through you now.

just deal with it. like everyone else

There’s no need to be afraid: the worst thing that can happen is that you don’t pass the exam. Compared to the worst thing that can happen to other people next Saturday – having no home, having no job, having no food, having people shooting at you, losing a loved one to cancer, whatever – this exam is a cakewalk.

You’ve been studying for a good, long while. You’re ready for this.

Fair point S2000magician, but still.

I am also scared - I spent around 6 months of my life for studing this materials and if I don’t make it, frankly saying, I will be frustrated.

In the same boat guys. Just 5 days left and got so much to review. I’ll be so glad when it will be over.

This time you not need to be worried . Try to remember the things that you have learned and keep practising.

All the best.

I have given lots of time for this particular exam,this is my 1st and last attempt at CFA L1 ,if i cannot pass it on my 1st attempt then i will not consider CFA any more…

Life is way scarier than this one exam smiley Life is way more than this dude.

You remind me of the story about a king and the spider I was taught in the childhood

I’m scared too. If this can help. :slight_smile:

not the toughest exam i have given but this one is definitely the scariest :expressionless:

@meee which is the toughest exam you gave till now?

It’s worse when your boss, and your colleagues know that you are taking the exam this weekend…and they will find out if I passed or not (since I am getting reimbursed only if I pass the exam…)


Hi guys. I am posting for the first time. Was just a viewer for so long. The pressure is driving me insane. So I thought its about time I share it with someone who is going through the same situation. Is anyone else beyond saturated ? Economics is sucking the life out of me. With 5 days left, I just dont feel like pushing further.

You guys are talking like you’ve never taken an exam before. I know you Indian guys have taken exams of much greater scope and significance to your future.

@ohai Its normal for any student to freak out. You must have felt the same thing or even worse during your exam time. Its but natural and this has nothing to do with how many exams one has taken before and whether or not they hold any significance in ones future career. Its something really important and crucial and as past records have proven, hard to crack, so sorry for being such a “coward” smarty pants.

Here, watch this and good luck:

@hpracing007. Jeez… It was like a dramatic epiphany :slight_smile: dat surely helped. Thank you.

@Ohai: Sir,people are nervous about some exams if they feel they have a honest chance of passing.CFA L1 with a pass rate of 40% does give a hope to pass if we prepare for it .On the other hand some of our Indian exams have passrate of 0.50% (like IIT entrance/CAT etc) and you need to be lucky along with hard working to pass those exams.

yes Good luck with that attitude. I’m guessing ‘persistence’ isn’t a word in your dictionary.