Anyone else sick?

My throat is sooooo sore, aches and pains, tiredness. Just hoping I can concentrate enough on exam day to pass… After 4.5 months of solid study on top of full time work, I won’t even be healthy on exam day : (

Yeah same here. I am never sick usually but I have had a cold since a week now and it is just not going away. Oh well somehow I will manage to do the thing tomorrow but it is annoying!

hi bros, it is show time now. forget the psycho thing, but you need to be a bit OVERCONFIDENCE now. all the sick will go after 5:00pm tomorrow :slight_smile:

agree… suck it up, go in & get it done tomorrow

I’ve been eating very unhealthy the last week (always do when I am studying, need snacks!) so now my stomach is a bit upset. Worst thing that can happen is that I have to go to the bathroom during the exam. If so, hopefully only in PM session. :slight_smile: It’s worth it though since I cannot study unless I have something to eat. Otherwise I get bored in 10 minutes… Not the best trait but it works! Only need to study 2 weeks a year now (CFA) so that prevents me from getting fat.

Me too…got a nasty cold…I will be having an Advil breakfast and lunch…need to get this done and over with. No matter what.

Man up! You can do it!

I was sick last weekend, but I’m much better now. I’m ready to tackle the beast

I’m under the weather. I plan on using it as my “psychological call option” if I don’t pass…hahaha

Folks, you can do it. I am sure you will get back in shape before the exam, just like how you nailed the other levels! I did lose some sleep a couple of nights ago. So I went to the gym the next day and swam for a bit and I ended up with a much quality sleep. Plan to swim this last afternoon to keep myself refresh and relaxed.

Woke up with sore throat and all congested, but I left my skirt at home. A coffee, some red bull, liter of water and the day begins like Ground Hog day all over again.

i am coughing like a late stage lung cancer patience, with low fever and tired as hell… I am going through my day with just pure mind power now.

Stomach suddenly started to ache in the morning today. threw up thrice and went to the doctor…have been sleeping the whole day. hope I pass :slight_smile: