anyone else skipping valuation in emerging markets?

does schweser actually think i can learn this material using a six stage process with 13 figures/ financial sheet snapshots that spans 8 pages? i will come back to this later if i have time to spend on it. seems like too much time to waste on what would likely be a couple questions at most. anyone else wanna make me feel better about that?

you don’t what may come in the exam ??

I felt lost after reading the CFAI text on this topic.

I think Schweser did a better job covering that.

Yes this reading is annoying and I did three passes to get all the points. I also think Schweser did a better job covering this reading.

Do you really think we’d have to go through a calculation like that? I know understand why you need to make adjustments and what items should be adjusted, but it would be difficult to actually do the whole calculation. This section ties in to the section of hyperinflation from FSA. It means in the CFAI text that nonmonetary assets are done at historical cost. This is because under US GAAP you use the temporal method which records nonmonetary assets at cost.

dont do it.