Anyone else use pencil for AM ?

This is allowed right?

Me and two other dudes in my room use pencils.

pencils will be marked - i used pen tho because i didnt have time to go back to change anything - although i did cross out alot of questions - it was a bloody mess

I used pencil. I emailed CFAI beforehand and they pencil would be fine. “Thank you for contacting us regarding our exam policies. Unfortunately, white-out will not be allowed in the exam center. Additionally, we prefer that you write your answers to the constructed response questions in ink; however, the graders will certainly grade any answers you write in pencil. Writing in pencil will not affect your exam grade.”

lol @ Whiteout. “Writing in pencil means you have no confidence in your answers which means you did not study hard enough, this will be an automatic 10 % penalty on all answers written in pencil”

Guy sitting next to me used pencil. My room was told that this was acceptable.

I used pencil…

I used pencil. Glad I did…

Used pencil

me too- pencil all the way


Haha… I only brought one pen, cause I wouldn’t think I would need it, but it was running so low on ink, I had to write my answers very lightly (but readable). Made it all the way through the test, but I was freaking out that I would have to ask someone for an extra pen. Now I know I didn’t need to worry.

Just used the pencil for first question IPS required return calculations as I knew that I would have to rewrite that bunch of times. In the end, I got the answer wrong anyways.

Pencil, but the eraser was really the difference-maker for me.

it was given under unstructions on last page that answers to be written in ink.

Pencil. I got CFAI’s confirmation that it will be graded using pencil.

CFAI prefers pens. Simply because it’s easier for them. In the end they’ll grade it anyway.

we were told in the exam room that pen was compulsory, i tried to change my mind from pencil to pen at the last moment but the pen didn;t worked hence used pencil

can’t believe we’re still on about pen & pencil …

My AM was all pencil