Anyone else waiting for Round 2 MBA admission results?


I’ve been in the same boat. It’s very difficult to study while waiting on Round 2. I finally heard from the last school in Round 2 last week, and while it was dissapointing (I’m still very stoked about the school I was accepted at), it has allowed me to focus in on my studying without so much distraction. Especially due to the fact that if I fail level 3 again, I’ll have to take it while in school next year which will be pure misery (as if it isn’t already).

Now that I know where I’ll be in a class with a bunch of people who have already finished the CFA next year, it’s that much more motivation to finish strong.

Good luck on your final Round 2 announcements.

Definitely, no one wants to be taking level 3 while in school.

Congrats on the school you’re attending!