Anyone else with sleep problems at this point?

I need to sleep more I know but I don’t fall asleep before 12:00-12:30AM Up at 5:30AM everyday. I think this lack of sleep will take out a couple of points for me on Saturday and this sucks

Haven’t been able to sleep the past two nights.

not even ambien is helping now

I’ve had sleep issues for two weeks. Sleeping pills help me sleep better once I fall asleep but that still takes me at least an hour before my brain shuts off long enough to let me fall sleep.

major sleeping issues here… need to get off coffee but cant!

i’ve been sleeping ok. insomnia gone. no dreams. wtf. that’s not normal.

that’s the biggest fear for my exam preparation… so far so good though.

man I can fall asleep anytime actually it’s my problem last night I was gonna study more but I fell asleep

Sleeping like a baby…up every 3 hours, crying and Sh*tt’n myself…

I drank a glasss of wine the night before the level 1 exam. Worked wonders. Slept right away and I woke up kinda happy actually. haha.

I have been having some crazy ass dreams about swaps and foreign currency translations…i try not to study too late into the night, otherwise not as productive the next day

It’s been 3:00am study nights for me! Will try to move back to normal hours by Friday. Going to try melatonin the next couple of nights. (natural sleep inducer) Slept 1 hr before L1 (not by choice!)…but when you have a lot of adrenaline, you can get by on very little sleep.

no sleep problems, just having weird dreams about the cfa material.