Anyone else

Watch Kimbo Slice last night? I hope they have that stuff on more it was pretty cool.

yea i watched the end of it, kimbo was absolutely exhausted he had no conditioning, and the other dude had a golf ball in his ear it was the worst ear I have ever seen.

espn has coverage of it on its website today.

I cut a Kimbo Slice last night about 11:30 (Greaseman fans out there?)

elite xc is a joke… no offense to the women on here, but what does it say when the gina carrano fight was the best of the night? Elite XC’s “prized” middleweight champ is a UFC reject who couldn’t hack it (although he did have Matt Hughes in his corner… but ignoring this…) It is a shame that elite xc represented mma on prime time cable. Any of those guys would get mauled in the UFC… especially Kimbo. Facts from last night: -Early stoppages -Overly cautious doctors -Main events starring crappy fighters -Not a single well rounded fighter last night -Many UFC light heavy wts could beat elite xc heavy weights -horrible announcers I will say I have a strong stomach, but I almost hurled when dude’s ear started flopping around and gushing blood.

i want to see Fedor Emelyanenko vs Kimbo Slice. I want to have a good laugh

I hope i can squeeze a win next Saturday just like Kimbo squeezed a win last night. It’s gonna be close!!!