anyone else?

go 1 maybe 2 for 6 on the GIPS?

why do you think that?

i went 4 for 6 and still ticked off. should have gotten that terminated portfolio question. think i made up for it in ethics and behavioral finance though.

i think i got 5 of 6, missed the real estate return calc. Honestly, i though behaviour finance was the toughest PM section since the questions were just so trivial in nature.

f me

i calculated the RE return without subtracting interest on debt first but thanks to CFAI it wasn’t in the options.

What was the RE return?

What were the GIPS questions: Termination - Aug Disperson - Range Income return - -1.4% Carve out return What were the other two???

6 high networth clients for new composite or non-discretionary

social = new composite portfolios need to be grouped by strategy

i put new composite, but I literally might have gone ofer

Internal dispersion was the high low average for the annually not since inception