Anyone else's application still under review?

I submitted my application 7 weeks ago and it is still under review. I have plenty of work experience but it still shows zero. Anyone else still under review?

yeah, but only for 3 weeks. you can email them and ask what the status is and if there are any problems. they are actually quite helpful.

submitted my application 3 weeks back but no response yet

I just completed mine yesterday. Did your sponsors use the on-line form? I heard that it might be faster that way. People in other threads got their work experience accepted within a week or two. Not sure why such a huge gap.,824283 Do you consider “work experience accepted” the same as "under review? (Apologize for this dumb question)

My application is still under review, although every step says “complete” including accepted work experience. Not sure if I should do anything about it or just wait…

Have they accepted your work experience?

My application is under review too - after submitting it about a week ago. I think (hope) the differing approval times is down to getting the approval of your application from the local society you have applied to. I’ve applied to CFA UK - which is handling all of the UK applications, so I expect there is probably more applications to approve there than at, say, some of the small local societies in the US. My theory, however, may just be complete verbal diarrhoea.

Yes, I just re-submitted one of the positions which got reject. Still waiting for re-review.

tysong, how do you find out whether some of your work exp was rejected. Do CFAI e-mail you and/or can you see rejected work exp on the online application page?

If you submit 48 months, 43 accepted, then it means the positions in 5 months got reject. If you have two 5 months positions, then you need to email CFA to ask which one. Make sure email to CM service.

I just called them since i was a little bit lost. I did select the local society to join but I don’t plan to apply for membership until I finish up with Level III. The guy told me that the reason I need local society membership is because I need sponsorship from them. I told him I got sponsorship from them anyway without joining the society. How does that work? He told me to e-mail the membership service. :frowning:

summary - it’ll take 6-8 weeks to affirm your experience and hence to regular membership, which invloves approval at your local chapter. then another 3-4 weeks to process the charter. the issuance of charter starts in late september and every week therafter until applications starts again in augsut 2009!