Anyone ever passed without writing a mock?

I know this sounds dumb, as many are you are AF wizards. For me, I didn’t know anyone who had taken the CFA in the last decade, and I honestly found out CFAI posted mocks 2 nights before the exam. I wrote the December exam with only 1/2 of a mock completed the night before the exam. This freaked me out, reading as how many of you have written so many mocks. I made ~75 on the half mock I completed. I felt pretty decent after the exam. With all this being said, I did not go into the test clueless, I thoroughly went through the EOC multiple times for each chapter. Just worried that I may not have been exposed to enough questions in my training. So, anyone else ever passed without completing a mock???

I never written a CFA mock exam…That would be pretty cool though - write your own exam although I would make it 4 choices instead of 3. Writing your own CFA mock exam will undoubtedly help you with your exam prep too!

I never took a mock exam but, to be fair, I’m not sure that anyone offered mock exams in 1997, 1998, or 1999.

Never wrote an actual mock, simply because I never felt prepared and was still hammering out EOC questions right up to the day before each exam. Figured if the mock didn’t go well it would lower my confidence going into the next day. Kind of silly in retrospect, but it seemed to work. That said, I did a lot of previous AM exams for L3. Anyhow, all the best on results day.

If you didn’t need it for Level I, you probably won’t need it for Level II or Level III either…


I never take a test without my mock turtleneck.

Welp, I passed and scored above 90 percentile. So it is possible!

Congrats! I don’t suggest doing the same for Levels II and III though. Level I is the ticket to get in. Levels II and III is where the magic happens.

No, but I passed with a blindfold. And such I usually drive a car … for a bet.

Lots of wild stories of people who passed Level 1. Not so much for Level 2 or 3.

i did all the mock exam coz i only rely on Schweser when it comes to study, just to cover things that might be left behind on schweser

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It is possible, but i wont recommend it. Practice as many questions as you can, mocks mean more practice question which results in a higher chance of passing.


I passed all three Levels without taking a mock exam, and without doing a single problem in a question bank.

Of course, in 1997 – 1999, there were no mock exams or question banks. In fact, the curriculum was selected chapters from a variety of textbooks, so you had to buy a stack of books 80% – 90% of which you never needed to read.