Anyone feel like they are scrappin the barrel?

I tried to study last night, but I could not. I really felt burnt out last night for the first time.

Odd thing is, having failed this test once before, I did everything this year that I did NOT do last year and I feel exponentially more prepared. I feel like this week is just scraping the barrel to try and get some extra points that may or may not be on the test. I feel confident with the AM and the most frequently tested items. I am just really sick of studying, very sick of it. I am not sure how much I will get done this last weekend. I may need to switch things up somehow cause I dont think a weekend at the library is possible any longer.

Take a break.

Being mentally fresh and prepared is much better for the exam than studying a bit more.

I do not feel “burn out” but rather "bored out’

How many past AM did you do?

I have been feeling the same way – I’ve been trying to study for the sake of studying over the last couple of days, and it hasn’t been productive at all (negative marginal utility as opposed to diminishing marginal utility). Heading into the exam feeling burnt out would be the worst thing – that was my downfall at Level 2.

Yes, the extra points are getting hard to come by… Just want to make sure I dont have any regrets after the exam.