Anyone feel like they didn't sign the pledge??

Not to give anybody the heart attack I’m having now… But I can’t remember if i signed the pledge on the afternoon session… I wanted to get at the exam and just filled out all the bubbles/test center/date while the directions were being read… If I fail on a technicality, I’m going to have to brush up on my carpentry skills! Anybody think that the procter’s would point that out to you?? I know mine reminded me to fill in my seat number on the AM session…

there was no pledge on the afternoon session.

LongOnCFA is right, the morning pledge carried into the afternoon (and beyond…)

You guys; I gotta say, are top notch gentleman, couldn’t thank you enough…

I freaked about that too after i submitted my paper in the PM - the proctor told me there was no pledge in the afternoon Dont worry

you guys got me scared there for a second… the only thing i remember signing in the pm session is the answer-sheet right!?!

Yeah. In pencil. Not sure how legal THAT is.

now why would you use a pencil signing that piece? you didn’t take the whole thing using a pencil i hope!

It’s funny bcs my proctor actually asked me to sign the afternoon session pledge… hmmm

Alright now, I could use some consensus here!!

There was no pledge to sign in the afternoon. Period.

Good man prossetti! This one’s been put to bed.