Anyone for June 2008 in Dallas area

Hi I have reg for June 2008 CFA L1 and was wondering if anyone else taking the June 2008 exam in Dallas. I live in plano…I am still waiting for the CFA curriculum…will start once I get it…

I live in Plano too. I just wrote Level 1 in december. I certainly hope that I am not taking it with you in June.

Hi budfox427, good luck on the results…any advise on the preparation…

same as basically everyone else here. Study hard and often and try to internalize concepts rather than memorize. Schweser puts on a good class at U of Dallas. Its worth taking for John Harris’ accounting section. He really helped me. You can get details on the Dallas Society of Financial Analysts webpage.

I am a non-finance person…what do you suggest in terms of the basic concepts…does CFA cover from the ground up…or do u suggest some other books which gives the basics…

You can get by with the materials.

I may be taking it with you if I didnt pass level 1. I live in Carrollton. I dont have much advice that others cant give. The accounting wasnt too difficult for me as I am a CPA (used to work at Deloitte in Audit), but some of the quant took me time. Same as others say, learn that ethics cold.

I grew up in Carrollton. Went to Newman Smith.

I have lived here since 2004…grew up in Keller though (North of Ft Worth).