anyone freaking out?

we have about a month left until the exam, and i’m definitely getting nervous. I have reviewed all the Schweser books and done EOC questions so far, but i’m just about to start doing Qbank questions, but wonder if i’m too late already :frowning: 4000+ questions, just a thought of it already kind of freaks me out, to be honest. (plus i work full time *sigh*) just throwing it out there, those of you who have taken and passed the level 1 exam, were you guys able to finish all 4000+ questions prior to the exam?

I’m starting to lose it too. I started to forget a lot of the info I’ve spent months learning. A lot of my colleagues have taken this exam and they’ve all said that 1 month is more than enough to do practice questions. We should be fine. I’ve asked for every Friday off from now until the exam. I suggest that you do the same.

I freaked out when I saw the number of days left hit the 30’s! I’m getting nervous - there’s so much to remember. There are notecards in my car, desk and purse so I can take advantage of every free minute. I’ve read everything, done all of the EOC questions and am just hitting Qbank hard. Elan’s 11th hour guide will be a big help for the final push. We can do this!!!

You all seem to be fine…

Well, i have been finding it hard to retain all the content and the formulas. All the stuff that i did well a month and a half ago, i can hardly remember now. Not sure if this is something most candidated are experiencing. Is it better to re-read the stuff again or just focus on Qbank if i have been through it once already?

I just started freakin out today. I was sick for the past 2.5 weeks so I lost that study period… Now, I still have 2 f’king books to read and have not touched the damn practice tests yet. I can’t even concentrate, ie. the words all look like a blur and my brain is not comprehending the string of words that are automatically being read by my eyes, b/c i’m freakin out that i don’t have enough time to pass this god-forbidden test that i so sadistically signed myself up for. so… you’re not alone… and you’re in a better position than i. good luck. i’ll need it for sure.

thank you guys for all the (very much needed) encouragement! good luck to all of us :slight_smile:

Does the fact that I am still pretty calm mean that I will have a panic attack soon. This place is scaring me.

A little Xanax wouldn’t hurt - NOT HELD…lol

SeeEfAye, that only means you’re on track :slight_smile:

I am nervous and my concentration went down. Don’t know how to manage this stress!!!

I’ve been going to bed around 3:00 am, about 3 out of the 5 day work week. I’m pretty sure my performance assessment is going to tank this Q…lol …but if I pass it will be worth the cost!! Cost vs Benefit - All economic decisions are made @ the margin. Speaking of which, I got to get back to Qbank - wrapping up Econ! All this for a lousy 10%. I don’t understand why Schweser did such a poor job in the notes for Econ. I have a minor in Econ and did fairly well in my undergrad courses in intermediate micro, macro, econometrics, history of economic thought and money & banking and I’m finding the econ part difficult. Idk, maybe I’m just burnt out!! Good luck!

i’m really freaking out. doing homework i was getting 60-70% correct. did a first 120question stalla exam, and only got about 56% right ARGH.

Personally I don’t like the econ section of this exam because I think it is too much to read for only 10% of the exam. It also frustrates me that practically the entire book is just memorization (and it frustrates me more that I haven’t taken the time to memorize it!)

i see what your saying about econ…it seems weird that the material (in terms fo pages) is not direct related to the amoutn of tested material…i mean econ had its own book! for 24 question! But yah panicking at this stage is the WORST thing you could do…but if you do score poorly on an exam, one thing to remember is that…you could simply may just be having a bad day…OR…that you were soo eager to find out your score and wherre you stand that you rushed through the exam (ive done this on my question sets too many times) and made careless errors!

do you think that they will lean towards more micro or macro econ questions? i hate micro and all those AVC, ATC, blah blah blah, etc…(and I was an econ major).

Hate Econ! OMG! what are you saying, everybody loves econ. I don’t know why though. You are right it is boring. Econ is my least favorite of all the CFA subjects and also the the first thing that makes me freak out.