Anyone from Atlanta - Level 1

anyone from atlanata studying for level 1? or any study group …please let me know.

Hey, I am in Atlanta. Where do you live and how is your schedule? Angela.

I live in Duluth, its around 20 miles north of Atlanta. i work from home and study usually late in the evenings. How about you…where do u live and whats your schedule? we can plan to meet up over the weekend.

I live in Decatur. My schedule during the week is kind of busy. So weekends work better for me. I guess we can meet halfway between Duluth and Decatur. Any ideas?

Thats a good idea. How about a public library…here is the link of the library. The zip code of the place where i live is 30096. lilburn, norcross or lawranceville branch…anyone is fine with me. let me know what suits you better.

I am not too crazy about the public library idea because everyone has to be quiet. How about a coffee shop?

That should be fine too…how about starbucks? u have my zip code …let me know a starbucks which is like at a convenient distance for both of us

Starbucks 4516 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd # 24 Dunwoody, GA 30338 (770) 455-1218 Perimeter is half way for you and me. Did you start studying already for CFA? If so, what volume are you studying right now?

I am done with Ethics…currently studying Quantitative Methods…mostly will finish it in a day or 2. How about you? this is my email let me know your contact no. and what time works with you to meet up on saturday.

i am still studying ethics. i am free between 2 -5 on saturday. would that work for you? my email is

sounds good. i will send you my contact details on your email id.

Hey Angela, I have sent you an email with my contact details.