Anyone from Lebanon taking Level II?

Hello everyone… I want to know if anyone from Lebanon is taking Level II in June 2011,any institute you recommend, books to study… When are you planning to start… Best of Luck

nah but i just got back from Beirut…AMAZING city…better than vegas

hey man, I took CFA level 1 in beirut June 09… i took Stalla’s full package; with lectures and everything… instructor-led courses were kinda a waste of time and money… they r 3 hours long and u can study much more than wat u would with these classes… personally, i recommend Stalla the package with lecture CDs and passmaster for sure… 2011 books are not out yet, not till late december i would say… i dont know if there will be a difference between 2010 books and 2011 books… i’ve asked in a thread, still havent heard anything from anyone…