Anyone from Los Angeles, CA?

Do you have any comments about USC/CFALA study program? I want to pass it the first time, want to spend a little money to increase the chance. Would like to hear from you.

Hey do you want to form a study group?

Which level tank? I found the USC/CFALA study program extraordinarily helpful. It helped me pass Level 1 this year for sure.

A good friend of mine taught in the USC/CFALA program for years. If he’s representative of the quality of instruction, it’s a good program.

I have heard independently that it’s quite good.

Mind you, I shouldn’t be saying this, as I’m one of the instructors at UCI, and I should be encouraging everyone in Los Angeles to drive to Irvine on Saturday mornings to attend our classes.

Level 3 here. A study group would be nice. Went to USC cfala info session, will most likely join the program in jan.

I am up in ventura county but I would definitely attend one of those classes If It was not such a drive. LA traffic is the worst.

Toronto’s traffic’s worse than L.A.'s