Anyone from Mumbai for CFA Level 3, June 2018 ?

Hi Everyone… I am an Equity Analyst from Mumbai, India.

Do we have anyone here who is from Mumbai and planning to appear for CFA Level 3 exams in June, 2018?

About me

Working since last 8 years, CFA was kind of “i just didn’t think of it” or rather “I Know its not useful” idea for me. Perhaps i was scared of failing.

And it was until my wife forced me to apply for L1 in the second week of August last year.

With the money already spent, i begun my effort to justify the expenditure (like i justify my investment recommendation) and rest they say is history.

Great results in L1 December followed by equally good L2 this year and i could not believe myself. I stuck to Schweser in L1 (didn’t even see the curriculum) but used only curriculum in L2 and of course some help from Mark Meldrum videos.

With L3 in 2018, i have realized that gravity of the exams and now its the most important target. I am looking forward to a healthy discussion with everyone and maybe we all can achieve the final milestone called L3 together. #MyCFAStory #Target18months

Any suggestions/guidance from charterholders/retakers would be more than welcome !!!


I from Mumbai as well, appearing for Level 3 in 2018. I do not have any experience working in the industry though, unlike you so yeah still a student :slight_smile:

Hi Chetan

Will catch up sometime. I already feel old (currently 31) studying and competing with you young guys who seem to have lot of energy. :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of energy yes, but little experience. :slight_smile: