Anyone from the Tampa Bay Area?

I’m curious if any members are from Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater. I was going to join a weekend study group with some of the members of local CFA society, but they hold their study sessions in downtown Tampa, and I’m not interested in making the long drive on the weekend. I live closer to Tarpon Springs/Palm Harbor.

I am all the way out in orlando =(

Are you involved in a study group in Orlando? I thought there were several people on this forum who were from my area. Dangit, guess I’ll have to study alone.

I’m also from Tampa bay area staying at Brandon though. Will be appearing for level 1 in december 2008… I’m reviving this thread so that if some more people have registered meanwhile can reply. Thanks…

Cool, thanks! I work near by Brandon by the way.

gdiddy, BTW Where are you working ? I am working at Citigroup on Falkenberg Road. – Charu

Same place as you.

Thats good to know !! My SOEID is CM45452. Drop me a mail sometime…I can see you there !!

Late to the party, but I’m in the St. Pete/Clearwater area.

Aimee, didn’t you pass Level I?

I did… sorry, I missed that you were only looking for LI candidates!

Charu, I got your e-mail today. Sorry I didn’t get the chance to e-mail you back. Today was a real hectic day for me. I will e-mail you tomorrow. Maybe we can meet up sometime this week. -g