Anyone getting the Schweser Study Notes Pack ?

Anyone getting the Schweser Study Notes Pack ? CFAI notes just seem to humongous… schweser is much more concised.

Me, but I must disappoint you because I will go through the CFAI books first and then use Schweser to fill in the blanks in my head.

i got schweser, grinding through until finish Option yesterday, plan to finish both Book 1 and 5 before 2,3,4 arrived in Mid Nov

I soley used Schweser for Level I and thought their materials were great, but for II I will use both since the CFAI readings come with the price of admission. The CFAI books are too voluminous to read through and retain, so I will probably use Schweser primarily to drive home the main points and review the concepts that need more work with the CFAI materials.

Cool. Thanks all for the replies. Looks like i will spend my $$$ on the study notes pack.

Book 2,3,4 is coming very soon… i have received the order confirmation from schweser

I agree. The CFAI text is way too long. I have read book 1 and am reading book 3 (Financial Statement Analysis) of the CFAI text. I can’t wait for the Schweiser 2-4 to get here.

just be careful with schweser – if you look at the soft dollar info in book 1 of schweser its like 4 pages of definitions and thats it. then the CFAI text goes into MUCH more detail with specific examples. i think if you only read schweser you wouldnt be prepared for what CFAI expects you to know

For L1 I in December I only used Schweser. However, I agree with mike0021 - they’re weak in Ethics (also in FSA, IMO). Here’s my plan this time around. Hopefully it’ll be efficient: - use Schweser first (skip to end of chapter summary to see where the chapter’s going and what’s important, then read the chapter). -next read the CFA end of chapter summaries and quickly read through CFA chapter to see if there’s something omitted (always keep the LOS list in front of you when reading the CFAI material - while interesting, some of it’s not critical to the exam). - Then it’s testing, testing, testing. So far, I’m done with quant and econ. Debt and Derivatives are next, followed by corp (I’ve got a background in it, so it’s a breather). This should be done by end of Jan. Then on to ethics and FSA (I’m strong in equity and portfolio, so I’m putting them off till later). Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat…