Anyone going to film their result reaction?

This is something I wanted to due at each level, but end up chickening out and just opening the dreaded email. It looks like only one dude on youtube actually did this for the L3. Theres thousands of video’s of people doing this for the BAR exam. I feel like it would bring more CFA notoriety towards regular public folk if more people got in on this.

BAR exams, really? Alot of the people taking bar exams are english majors with 2.5 GPAs from nowhere schools, and the pass rate for the TOUGHEST state bar exams is over 70%. I hate when people compare it to the CFA.

I may film it on my iphone if I can figure out how. Would be curious to see other peoples. I have an ‘open’ workspace so don’t want to be obnoxious.


i would like to watch!!!

I might be on an airplane Aug 6th. Will make for a very long flight if there is no Wifi onboard

You should put it side by side with your O-Face so you can compare.

I plan on filming your reaction.

If I do pass, I will film something and share with you all

If we fail, it will look like a two girls, one cup reaction.

^Still to this day I never got past the first 12 seconds and never intend to.

If I pass…


I filmed my reaction to passing L3. 30 mins of nevously sitting there drinking beer after beer then about 2 minutes of little Llyton Hewitt style "C’MON"s. Then you see it slowly sink in and a smile emerge. That smile is worth the (in my case) 4 years of hell. But its way too embarrassing to share. I did it to share the experience with my girlfriend who was overseas at the time. I definitely recommend doing it. Can always hit delete if you fail and if you pass you will have something to look back on and give you a smile in your old age :slight_smile:

“Llyton Hewitt style “C’MON”s”…was this before of after seeing the pass?

^^ Loved the comparison to Llyton Hewitt here :slight_smile:

I’m not sure you can totally capture a true reaction unless you didn’t know the camera was there.

You should keep the camera recording 24/7 for a week or so until you forget it’s there

Re little Llyton, lol. Luckily the emails have always come close to the official release time for me (don’t know if its my location, name or the fact I use gmail). Always felt terrible for those unlucky people that have to wait hours to get the email while everyone else is either celebrating or comisserating on AF. On the up side, waiting for the results could result in much more entertaining video as you see yourself turn to the dark side (fear > anger > hate).

^ Good idea about setting and forgetting the camera. I guess the risk is that you completely forget and end up checking your results on a different device.

Keeping with the sporting references, I guess the easiest to mimic would be doing the waving and hand clapping ala on a victory lap on winning the Grand Prix…presumably you are seated after all…maybe to the background of Queen’s “we are the champions”…