anyone going to party after the exam?

anyone at the san francisco test center going to go nuts afterwards? or anywhere. need something to look forward to. bring teh womenz would be nice.

I’m not really going to be partying with wife and kids at home, but there’s definitely some things I’m looking forward to.

These include:

Opening up that really expensive bottle of wine that’s been sititng on my wine rack for about a year. So looking forward to that meal that evening after the CFA exam. Might get some nice vodka, vermouth, and olives and make myself some decadent Martinis before dinner as well. Some good whiskey for after dinner will also be great. Oh, man I can just taste the satisfaction on my lips.

Playing golf on the weekends again

Aimlessly staring out the window on my tram commute in the morning without feeling guilty.

Meeting friends/family for lunch

After work beers followed by feeling drunk on the tram home, again aimlessly staring out the window. All guilt free.

As much guilt-free mindless TV as I want, with beers/martinis/whiskey

Goes without saying I’m also looking forward to spending a lot more time with wife and kids. Teaching my son to ride a bike, hit a baseball, and fly a kite are all things I’ve been putting off due to CFA. Shaking my head just writing this. Is this really worth it?

that’s what i’m saying. my brother’s getting engaged the weekend before the exam, and he told me he understands if i can’t make it. but still, it’s my friggin’ brother. the things we have to go through, and most of it is unnoticed.

in the end though, once you got that charter it’ll be worth it knowing you can secure a great future for your kids and wife. keep pushing man, we got this.