anyone got access to rbc reports? ty ty

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Are you out of toilet paper?

rofl. what about raymond james?

I wonder, why would anyone ever give a random stranger access to this stuff? I’ve got access to every major banks research portal (including RBC), but why on earth would I ever give it to a stranger on the internet? This should be a bannable offence on a CFA forum. Unless this is some joke I’m missing?

^ Nugga please. Are you sure you passed L2? All this sht can downloaded on a Bloomberg terminal hardly making it proprietary trade secrets. Research reports are garbage propaganda at best. No one is going to care if it gets out and about.

Heck, here’s a report, should I be sanctioned?

yo back off thug, some BSD SS ER analyst spent last 3 weekends writing that report.

show some respekt

Beast of a report right there.

SS ER is the new BOM.


you gotta pay to have access. and i just need 1 report for 1 co. being a forum of people with access i figured this owuld be the perfect place to ask since its hardly any work it doesnt cost you a thing. i expected witty banter. but i did not expect sumone to be a complete dick about it. Imagine that. haha

If I still worked on a Bberg I’d send you one no doubt. Thing is, I don’t work with Bberg Terminals anymore (that’s BOM work) and can’t hook you up. Someone here has to be able to help.

Otherwise if you really want to be a BSD, act as if, and email the analyst directly asking for a copy of the report.

its chill bro. cvm, i hold you in high regard. yo shit is hilarious. if you have it great. if you dont no worries. just wanted to see out of curiosity. not really a need kind of thing.

CVM its cute that you would help if you could but you can’t, so it’s easy to talk. I’d love to know how one with a bbg terminal is able to get reports? I’ve had a terminal for years, please inform me. Please tell me you’re talking about so I can laugh out loud. As you said in your post, lots of people here have access to these files, yet noone is willing to help… wonder why?

brc no good?

i have full access. i can give you the gist of any report but like the other dude said, i can’t give you the report.

Not sure why this is the case. Back when I was slaying stocks I could get any report at the drop of a hat from anywhere (most on Bberg). One time a dude sent me the whole fuggin SS financial model his non-hacksaw firm used to generate the valuation.

I don’t think this garbage is as coveted as you make it seem to be. Sellside is at parity with marketing literature, Buyside is another story.

yo ss is da troof better check yoself homes

^ SS may be da troof, but BS is the gospel. Don’t make me take you to church son!

SS reports belong to the producing firm and are considered IP. the firm determines for what use its advisors can distribute the IP. distributing IP in a way that is not allowed by the IP owner is technically theft and you can be fired and charged for doing so. this isn’t as much an ethics violation as it is a legal violation.

further, most SS firms only allow the distribution of research to clients as a service to them. if research was distributed widely, it would inhibit the public from becoming clients.

this information ^ was basically taken from the bottom of one of my firm’s research reports.

^dont make me cop your corn bread shawty