anyone had to use the bathroom during the test?

I was stupid enough to down a bottle of water before the morning session. Two hours into the exam when I was done with about 90 questions, my bladder felt like it was going to explode so I did what everyone would have done, suck it up and finish the test. Ran to the bathroom afterwards, had the best p*ss of my life. I think I shed a few tears of joy. I’m just counting my lucky stars that it wasn’t number two.

good job. I’m proud of you.

i used it proudly

AM by 11, I couldn’t wait…so I caved in.

i went in the afternoon. i was far enough ahead of schedule. even had time for #2. HA!

I wanted to go badly in the morning session, but I knew I was thin on time. (Morning was tough - afternoon was easy by comparison.) There was no way I was going to sacrifice two minutes of test time though. Fortunately for the guy next to me, I didn’t have to piss myself.

Lol. I did. I managed to finish afternoon section in just over 2 hours. I think morning session was harder for us in San Francisco area.

I went to the bathroom once in each session, took no more than 2-3 minutes. In each case it was about 2 hours into the exam or so. It was also nice to get up and walk after 2 hours of sitting and intensely focusing. I made a NPV decision that spending 2-3 minutes to go would be worth the increase in concentration I would have from not having to think about my bladder :slight_smile: Regarding time, in the first session I think I finished my final answer at almost exactly 1 minute before the time limit. For the second one, maybe 10 minutes to spare.

I felt morning was easy… afternoon was tough. Cld it be because the order of our papers were switched? There are some wo took 1010, 1111, in that order. Mine was 2020, 2121. (am,pm)

Took 1 trip in morning and two in the afternoon. The quick break is good. I didn’t think time was a big issue (in fact I left the morning session before the final 30mins mark). Better to take the 3 min break and be able to concentrate - than not!

i did the same…once in AM and once in PM…the walk was nice and i washed my face and hands a couple times…always good way to wake up. Funny story, i was wearing a US SKI team hat and after exam got pulled out in hall by a proctor…he wanted to see what was written on it…It was autographs from two US olympic gold medal winners that i met with my kids at a clinic in Vermont over summer…figured, I have my gold medal hat so no worries. Except the proctor had never heard of Ted Ligaty or Barbara Ann Cochran–so i had some 'splainin to do…but he got a good laugh in the end. and regarding the exam order…when i was walking out i heard someone say he thought afternoon was way harder, and i thought "did we take same exam cause i thought afternoon was easier and shorter.

I thought the same thing. Morning session took some more focus, but afternoon session I was able to breeze through. I guess my lucky “wiseguy” t-shirt helped after all. It did get old hearing “wiseguy, eh?” from all the proctors though.