Anyone have a side business?

I was wondering if any of you have a source of income on the side. One financial advisor I work with has a photo lab. Another does some photography (coincidence, not related). I know of at least few that have rental properties (duplexes, small apartment buildings). I have some websites (non-finance related) that I’m developing at the moment. Anyone else do something on the side not related to their primary profession?

You’re not a narc, are you?

skillionaire Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You’re not a narc, are you? Yes, I’m going to send a link to this thread to everyone’s CCO. :stuck_out_tongue:

My brother plays in a revenue-producing cover band on the side.

I bartend at a country club on the side. Not really my own business, but it is a fun part time weekend gig. I meet alot of affluent successful people and its fun to converse with them. Plus the free golf makes it totally worthwhile.

Where’s the pod with his porn star travails when you need him…

does my Yahoo! auction store count ? ;p

Funny this is asked. I have just been offered a part time gig doing equity research but haven’t accepted it yet. I also teach BBA and MBA and studying for L3 so I will have alot on my plate already. An adviseable thing or not?


I used to do web development on the side, but gave that up a couple years ago. good way to exercise my right brain though.