Anyone have access to any Middle East related research?

Any reports on the middle east as a whole, individual countries, economies, geopolitical issues, etc…? If anyone has anything recent can you email it to me at jperlin (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks

Here’s where someone would make a Lord of the Rings joke, like “Hobbit Bank of Shropshire Resarch” or something, and then jokingly exclaim “Oh, I see you wanted Middle EAST, not Middle EARTH” and oh, how we’d laugh…but since the only thing I really know about that series is Hobbits and Middle Earth, I won’t actually make the joke. But I’ll ruin it for anyone who would have.

j-rad i can help, but you have to be a bit more specific (which countries/econmies, or just general middle east)

dezert: i am interested in something general on the ME as a whole, as well as Israel and the UAE for more specific research. let me know if you have anything of interest, thanks.

I can suggest a few sites (some of these have free content, especially those of local banks) - - - Economist Intelligence Unit - I have some reports but you are most likely looking for more recent research. Your best bet is to surf the sites of regional banks (check economic reports section or research section of the sites).

I have research reports on companies from Middle Earth…

You are really funny im cracking up