Anyone have experience with forensic accounting?

I’ve begun to look into this on my own and seems interesting but I don’t know anyone who actually does this sort of stuff for a living. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this? Would it be helpful to have a background in this sort of stuff if you want to be a professional short seller? Or am I way off base?

Forensic accountants are coming in after-the-fact, how would it help you in short selling? Its a decent living, I know a few people that do this type work. Most people are coming from audit, enforcement divisions of government entities, consulting, or legal backgrounds. Tons of travel though and work ebbs and flows significantly.

My wife told me she would get one if we get divorced - does that help?

wake2000, short-sellers sometimes hire forensic accountants to look into the books of companies to see if there is any potential for fraud or check if the numbers could be done better. if something legit isn’t going on, then they would take a short position and then might try to get a regulator or media guy to do a story on it. If I had any interest in accounting, I would think forensic account would be the most interesting sub-discipline.

One of my company’s sister companies has a forensic accounting group. They do almost exclusively marital dissolution work. Don’t know how interesting it is, but the partner drives an M6 and vacations on some exclusive island and complains about the security team for the royal guy who vacations a few houses down the beach.

No but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!