Anyone have problems taking mock #2?

Took mock #1 from CFA website a few hours ago, #2 does not show up anywhere on the ‘dashboard’. Anyone else have problems with this?

Go back in and up in the right side, pick mock exams…did you pay for both? It should come up at the bottom then to choose to do #2. How did #1 go?

yeah i did pay for both, ive changed the exam group to every different option. i see mock exam part 1 and part 2 below in ‘your exams and assessments’ area but it still says $60 for either. i already sent them an email so maybe they will get back to me some day. #1 went fine, still having issues with things that will be easy to pick up like real estate valuation methods but 79% overall isnt bad. having a cpa helps on the financial statement analysis parts.

Oh man, to have a CPA. Wow, 70% is AWESOME! Hmm, that is weird on the mock exams. I hope they respond to you quick!