anyone have the guts to apply for cfai membership?

is that temping fate? what happens if I flunk, they accept me, and i just don’t pay the dues for a year? is that a violation :slight_smile:

I applied 4 month ago and paid the dues for 2007. The problem now is there asking for 2008 dues , WTF !, give me a break ! Apparently it’s from July to July, doesn’t matter when you pay it the first time. So say you pay your first dues, June 20, that will only take you as far as July 2008, then they will come after you for more for 2008 ( from July 2008 to July 2009). I would wait after July and apply.

i thought they prorated it?

hahah … that’s only for the IPOs not the fees … Better pay up man … you know you have to sign PCS AND pay your dues to the man :slight_smile:

I was actually a member just before or after I wrote L2 last year. There was a grandfather clause for the work experience I wanted to take advantage of, yet it turned out I didn’t really need it. No jinx for me since I already passed an exam while having the membership. Maybe it’s my lucky charm :slight_smile:

I’m planning on signing up in July even though I am not sure if I passed or not. The website says it takes them up to 2 months to approve your registration, so if you do end up passing you wouldn’t know til late August, then you have to register for CFAI membership if you haven’t already, which takes up to another 2 months, and then they get around to processing your charter, which takes who knows how long. That could take you into Spring 2009 knowing the speed they move at.

You might as well sign up; passing will be a coin toss, ya might just be the last one in for the Class of 2008.

I paid $375 yesterday to renew my membership. We all have to pay eventually provided we get the charter. I have a habit of paying off my credit card bills well before due date, so it’s no different with CFA fees.

Well I was eligible to become regular member under pre-2007 work experience rules. Since my work experience is (ahem) marginally investment related at best (listed company and IPO candidate auditor, project finance), I took it up.