Anyone heard of ARCap?

They’re a real estate manager from what I understand. Any thought of them as a company (performance-wise) and as a potential employer? Thanks

They’re Centerline now after having been purchased by CharterMac. I can’t speak to how they are as an employer, but know what they’re about, generally. ARCap’s main thing has been to purchase CMBS B-pieces and act as the special servicer. There is nothing to buy right now in B-piece land because nobody is issuing CMBS, so that doesn’t bode well for them. However, they are raising a real estate opportunity fund (like many, many others) to purchase distressed loans, CMBS bonds, etc. Their expertise is in managing distressed properties. Traditionally, they tapped the CDO market for financing, but that has dried up as well. Do you have real estate experience?

Not really. Dont have much experience in real estate. Just determining if CHC is a long or a short. Interesting article on WSJ. Judging from your comments, this company is in deep trouble. Heard that there are turnovers at the company and people are not pleased with management.

Yeah, based on what I’ve heard, it’s not a buy… And I think it’s really tough to accurately determine the value of the company. It’s very non-transparent, particularly the former CharterMac assets.

Thanks for the insight.