Anyone here from Bridgewater Associates?

Even if you don’t work there, do you have any opinion on their reputation?

Very good shop. What location are you looking at?

I believe they only have three offices, all in Westport CT.

Seem to be a money-making machine. I think their crown jewel is ability to deeply research regional or country economics and make intelligent macro bets about where to invest, which currencies to hedge, and so on. They say they’re the largest of their kind, which speaks to their track record at managing global FI portfolios. Of course past performance is no guarantee… well you know the story.

Thanks, that’s dead-on with other things I was told about them being very research driven. So, can I take these responses to mean that there would be great buy side exit opportunities coming from Bridgewater?


If you have an offer from Bridgewater…take it.

Yep - Fine organization. I was talking to their driector of marketing awhile back and he said that he has the greatest job in the world - director of marketing for a company not taking new investment with a big fat paycheck. Cool, huh?

Part of the issue is that I’m not exactly certain what the position will entail. It could be something more along the lines of trade execution, or portfolio return analytics, or it could be more like actual investment research. Is Bridgewater so prestigious that the position specifics won’t matter as much as at other places, and the exit opportunities will be great regardless? Joey - Sounds like a sweet gig. Maybe I’ll apply for that instead.