Anyone here from last year?

I was infrequent poster. Mrs. Bambi still around? Usually had best posts …

Unfortunately, I’m around from last year. Looks like it’s little easier this round. I know the material but did not have enough time to do the practice and did not do well in the afternoon section. How about you ? I would like to share the experience and someone to chat with as I plod along this year.

I am from last year too, infrequent poster. I also did badly in morning and Pm score was not enough. Started to go through the material but still not in full fledged study mode.

I am here from last year as well although I never posted until scores came out this year. I did really well in the morning (took the Stalla weekend review course that really focused on writing the essays) but not so great in the afternoon. This year I think I am going to try to read the CFA material then go through the Stalla material. Probably going to start studying mid-December. Pretty bummed to have to do this again.

Ditto…did horrible in the AM, did alright in the PM…but not alright enough I guess. I started reading the CFAI material back in September and planning on finishing it by January…but we’ll see how that goes with the holidays and stuff. This year I got the Premium package from Schweser cause it’s 50% off for repeaters, so will just focus on that and back of the chapter problems from the CFAI readings…

SteelerFan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I was infrequent poster. Mrs. Bambi still around? > Usually had best posts … very flatttering thanks as I have made it through the L3 in 2007 I have sort of moved on … not hanging out here very often anymore good luck to you all

Cool, assumed you passed, but hadn’t searched old threads. Thanks for the update, and congrats. I wouldn’t be here if I were done either. :slight_smile:

I have been viewing the boards for a couple years, and am now posting. I bombed the AM, like everyone else it seems. I don’t know about you all, but I just want to get this test behind me this year, and as Bambi said, move on! I was planning on starting earlier, like everyone, but started as of Dec 1. Good luck to all, and let’s get through it.

Same situation for me. I also bombed the AM section and PM section was not good enough to pull me to the other side of 50%. Hopefully I can get this over this year. Trying to go thru Candidate reading instead of schweser. May review last year’s schweser if enough time. Good luck to all.

I also did pretty bad in the AM session…Hopefully will do better this year. I started studying with the CFA reading a few days back but its not as easy as Stalla.

here from last year too… thought it was over but morning score was a disaster and shook my confidence pretty badly…havent started yet but got the cfa books…