Anyone here overemployed (working 2 or more jobs at once)?

Or is it mostly doable in other industries (like Tech)?

No. Who even does that? The people I know in the tech field who have that sort of ability to do that just end up working a couple hours a day and try to not get fired while bringing home the stacks of cash. Like, they may be bringing home 300k. So why would they be motivated to pick up a second job?

Apparently, there’s an entire community for this:

I have a homie who is a civil engineer and was doing two jobs at the height of the pandemic.

I could never pull that off, I would be so stressed.

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I hear ya… I probably won’t be able to pull it off at my current job but it’s still a great way (in theory) to capitalize on a chill but boring remote job… get 2 of them and double your pay.