Anyone here put together an partnership/operating agreement?

As stated, has anyone here put together a partnership or operating agreement for an LLC and would you be willing to talk via email/IM/phone? Sorry, I don’t want to write any specifics here. xsellside at gmail dot com Thanks in advance!

XSell, I have done it. I can help you out if you like. I will try to get to you on chat when I have a chance.

mwvt9 - thanks for chatting! It’s a bit complicated, this one.

I’ve done that a few times. Pretty easy and don’t pay a lawyer… Want to talk on Sunday night or something?

Joey, I’ll drop you an email.

X: I have my old CPA firm LLP agreement I would be happy to share with you. If your LLC is a professional service and pretty straightforward as far as capital contributions, duties, etc., it might be a good fit for a template. I am completely with JDV, don’t pay a lawyer to do it. It is pretty easy, unless contributions have different character and tax issues arise.

I should clarify that my questions have more to do with structuring contributions (a buy-in) than the operating agreement itself. I think I can tackle the basic agreement, it’s structuring capital contributions I’m trying to figure out. My plan is to complete it 99% and have an attorney simply review.