Anyone here still reading?

I’m in this rather unfortunate situation where I am still reading the Stalla books, and working questions after each reading. My strategy is: 1. Continue to read (no point in mock exams yet if I already know what I need to go over) 2. Work 40-50 questions per reading 3. Move on to the next reading 4. Leave about 5 days (using vacation from work) to review everything one more time (re-read ethics and work questions) Anyone else in this situation? I think I’m doing the right thing given the situation, but feel free to offer advice if you think otherwise.

I am also in the same position actually…still reading schweser…but according to the timetable ive planned, i would finish the readings by 16th, after which mocks nd samples nd qbanks…though i do go through questions here nd there… so am not really really worried as just a week more and am done with the readings…yayy!!

I was humming along quite nicely until life happened. I am still reading, due to both an unexpected family crisis and an unexpected uptick in my responsibilities/travel at work over the last month. Unlike sumzz88, I am worried a bit. I am reading Schweser and and still have about half of Corporate Finance and all of Alternative Investments, Fixed Income, Equities & Derivatives (I am reading in order) to cover. I hope to get through the last two books by Monday and then do a refresher (Feel like I’ve forgotten most of what I’ve read) for about a week. I do have vacation planned for 10 days prior to the test in which I plan to study & take mocks at least 8-10 hours each day. At this point, it’s do all I can and keep my fingers crossed.

Well am mostly done with stuff ive never read before - FI,derivatives,portfolio mgt,alternative investments and now all ive got left is stuff ive read through atleast once so do hav an idea…except equities…doing that now while going through a reading am making many notes/points listed according to LOS’s…i have a bunch of 10 papers wich has loads of scribbled points… so when am finally finished with all the readings, ill just go through these few notes and thn take the mocks samples etc… staying positive would help us get around it i guess… All th best!

Yea I guess im on the same boat I finished lectures (Stalla) two weeks ago…thank god for not having to spend the day with MR Peter Olinto… but I’m doing the same reading n doing questions…I think as long as you get majority of the questions right you’re on the right track…I’m basically doing damage control hopefully that will work out to be at least 70%…i’ll probably brush over Alternative investments and portfolio stuff but I’m not gonna put too much into it since it pales in comparison to the other topics tested…definitely review ethics though… gluck

spartanag07 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > > 1. Continue to read (no point in mock exams yet if > I already know what I need to go over) > Hey Spartanag07 —> yep still reading. And working through end of chapter questions and only scratching the surface of Qbank. But will get them all done. Work better with a tight deadline. Good luck

Compared with everyone else, I am so behind. I have only read Schweser book I so far, and I am taking the December exam. Due to my crazy work schedule lately I have been pushing my study schedule further and further back. Only about 3 weeks left so I will probably use 2 weeks to finish reading the remaining 4 books and spend a week or so with review and practice problems. Got to push myself to put in at least 100 hours in the next 3 weeks. …sigh…

All th best pennyless