Anyone here teach their children CFA material?

Anyone here teaching their children CFA material? start with basic of interest rate starting at the age of five, maybe they wil be able to pass level before they turn 10.

My unborn child taught me implementation shortfall, TWAP, and VWAP the week before the L3 exam… time series analysis before the L2 exam, and recited ethics before L1

I think that it’s better to let children be children.

There’s time enough later to learn the CFA curriculum, if they decide that they want to.

My child 2,5 years old plays how his mother study. :slight_smile:

LOL, that’s cute.

I would learn them (If I had) to memorize numbers and letters in rows, first day 3 numbers, next day 4 numbers and so on, until they build a good short, middle and long-term memory. That will surely help them in the future, and those exersices don’t last more than 3 minutes a day.

My 2 yr old grabbed my BA-II professional and was doing something with it the other day, probably some future value calcuations.

Poor kid, doomed to a life of being 2nd rate. If only you had a 12c. wink