Anyone here use the MP3s? How is it?

Hey guys, I took a long break from AF cos have been caught up with work lately. Just wanna know if anyone is using the Schweser MP3s and how effective is it? Your comments will be highly appreciated Cheers, Ram

I had a copy last year and tried to listen to them on the way to work, they make you want to drive your car straight into a tree

nodes Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- >… but you should have read at least once the > books, otherwise it is painful True! Basically it’s a guy reading the text from the textbooks. If you read and listen at the same time, you’ll notice there are v. few discrepancies.

They aren’t too bad if you have already read the books, they certainly don’t replace actual studying though. I find they are a good compliment to help you get more studying into your day ie at the gym, running, on your commute etc…and as an added benefit if you suffer from insomnia, just lie down while listening and the guys monotone voice will put you right to sleep!

Agree with NCStateHockey. Popped my first CD in this morning driving to work and it is freaking painful. A guy, completely monotone, reading the list, bullet point by bullet point of the CFA standards. After only 3 hours of sleep the night before I almost tossed all 16 or 18 cds out the window. These CDs are rough. I’ll give it a try again, but I can’t imagine the guy going through examples of multiple regression reading off the formulas. Go with the videos if you can. They are a better solution in my opinion.

I listen to the CDs to and from work everyday. They are very monotonous, but it is helpful for a little extra retention. I only listen to the CD’s for the stuff that I have already studied. When I finish listening to the stuff that I’ve read recently I jump back to the accounting CD to continually drill that material in. I think it’s working pretty well. Whatever can give you an extra hour of “study time” per day is worth doing. I do have to turn it off and switch to something else sometimes to keep from falling asleep on the way to work.

Here’s one more use that hasn’t been mentioned on this post. Say you’re having trouble concentrating on Schweser notes. You pop in the CD and follow along as it goes through the notes. Best case is that you soon realize you don’t need it and then shut it off and start reading. Worst case is you listen and read at the same time, switching off when it hits omitted items, such as examples and end of chapter summaries. It’s not a substitute for reading, but still useful. It’s good to put on ipod so you can listen anywhere.

Thanks for all the info :slight_smile: I will go ahead and purchase it…

If those of you who don’t like the MP3s want to sell, I’d be interested in purchasing a set. E-mail me at aimee0519 at Thanks!

I would be most interested too. zenboy84 at gmail. Thankss