anyone here with CFA, FRM, CAIA, FSA and MBA?


shouldn’t be here if you don’t have that

Thats the minimum you need to break into finance

CvM has the most I’ve seen.

Flexible Spending Account?

FSA = American version of our FIAA.

No but I guarantee that person is not Caucasian


Surely someone here is FSB, da???

K___ B_____, CFA, CMT, CIPM, CAIA, FRM

holds the Series 3, 4, 7, 16, 24, 27, 53, 55, 63, & 86/87 licenses

I saw a guy on LinkedIn with CFA, FSA, CPA, MBA

Whats the AF concensus on listing MBA behind your name?

I find it pretty tacky personally.

then don’t put it after your name


i cant feel my face

is this the sickest credentials?

certainly not healthy to your mental well being.

I would sooner put the Hacksaw (H.S) designation after my name.

why was the name censored, it came from a public profile page of the company?

You didn’t specify why you chose this name. I removed it in case it was the name of an AF member, just to be safe.

Is it really critical to your point that we know exactly who this person’s name is?? Is that what you’re arguing? Because it still makes sense even with initials.

If you specify where you got the name from before you post it, or perhaps include the link to the public page, and it doesn’t appear that you are outing an AF member, then it’s more acceptable:

“Hey look at GMO’s managment: It has Jeremy Grantham…”