Anyone in Barcelona Level II ???

I quitted two years ago (after failing) and here I am again. Anyone in Barcelona ?

Hey! I want to move to Barcelona… any tips for an american trying to find a job? CFA I candidate Gracias!

Hello dudeinthecity !! I don’t want to discourage you, but in the financial services it may be quite difficult to get a job here because Barcelona is a very small financial center. It’s usually much more easier to find jobs in Madrid (although maybe not now with the present crisis). We have been trying for several years that the CFA exam could be taken in Barcelona with no success…

Hello do you know about anyone going for Level I Dec. in Barcelona?

Ajj-BCN, Are you a spaniard or a foreigner working in Spain?

I am from Barcelona (catalan spanish) working in the investment side in an insurance company. Sorry for the delay in the answer…last two weeks have been crazy.

Me decias que el mercado laboral en españa esta bajo??? Me gustaria conseguir trabajo en Madrid/Barce… pero no se que tan dificil se a para un Americano conseguir trabajo… tu sabes con todo los papeles/tramites. O la demanda de compañias españolas para trabajadores que manejen las dos lenguas (spanish/English) que sean extranjeros. Igual aqui… las ultimas semanas = hell para mi. Hablamos.

I speak spanish tambien - and know this hot spanish flight attendant that works for Iberia and lives in Barcelona . . . gotta love spain

Project… where are you from?? and… when i visit Barcelona… can u hook me up with your friend to show me around :_) haha.

dudeinthecity, what’s your degree? how long have you finished? pm I work as Quant in Madrid and we have job openings… Cheers

AntonioY I have a degree in Finance from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA I completed my Bachelors in May 2006. At the moment, I work for a financial consulting firm in Virginia as a financial analyst, valuing companies in telecommunications/broadcasting/internet space. Here is my contact info: Pereacj @ G M A I L DOT COM Thank you

Hola a todos, Os gustaría de proponer un “study group” para el nivel II, mi idea seria que nos encontremos 3 días a la semana en una biblioteca para estudiar en conjunto, o simplemente tener la dupla responsabilidad de ir a estudiar esos 3 días. Que os parece, alguien en nivel dos? También quería preguntar si alguien ya compro los resúmenes de schweser de este año? un saludo, António Lavoura

Are any of you guys currenlty studying in IESE am considering going there for my MBA and would love some feedback thanks (and yes I realized I am repeating the same message in multi-post - sorry for the annoyance)